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Of the top scourges that affect our life here in the United States is diabetes.  As the blood sugar rises, it creates a glycation or a detachment of glucose molecules to protein. This accelerates the aging process. Nowadays, many people are concerned about the aging process and how they age gracefully as they move into the latter years of their life. Well, if you're concerned about that, you shouldn't be counting wrinkles. You should be counting your blood sugar because blood sugar will have a bigger impact on the quality and quantity of your life than any wrinkle count ever will. Be wise. Be aware. 
Diabetes, also known as diabetes mellitus, is a group of diseases characterized by high blood glucose levels. Our bodies obtain energy by converting the food that we eat into glucose. This glucose needs to be absorbed by the blood cells, which is facilitated by insulin —a hormone prepared by pancreas. Diabetes is developed when our bodies either do not produce insulin in sufficient amount or is unable to utilize insulin for glucose absorption, causing the sugar surge in the blood stream.

Facts about Diabetes: Symptoms
Only a healthcare provider can diagnose the symptoms of diabetes. The following symptoms may develop gradually or suddenly:
         Inexplicable weight loss
         Nausea and /or vomiting
         Feeling hunger or thirst
         Excessive urination
         Fatigue and tiredness
         Blurry vision

Types of Diabetes
There are primarily two types of diabetes. There is another kind that only develops in pregnant women.
         Type I diabetes is caused when the pancreatic cells that produce insulin are damaged. It is found that the disease is caused by an autoimmune condition where the body attacks the insulin producing cells. The people who are diagnosed with the problem have to take insulin.
         Type II diabetes develops when the body is insulin resistant or there is insufficient production of insulin to combat the resistance.
         Gestational diabetes occurs during pregnancy. Although gestational diabetes is reversible once the delivery takes places, it sometimes does not reverse.
Normal Range
         The normal range of sugar before meals and overnight ought to be between 60 and 100 mg/dl.
         The blood sugar level ought to be less than 140 mg/dl after meals. But, the level should decline back to normal.

Who Is Prone to Diabetes?
Type I Diabetes
The risk factors for this type of diabetes are less defined. However, in majority of the cases, the risk factor of type I diabetes has to be inherited by both the parents. Yet, certain other environmental factors also trigger diabetes. It is common for people living in cold climatic conditions to develop type 1 diabetes. Apart from environmental and genetic factors, there are certain autoimmune factors that develop type I diabetes.

Type II Diabetes
There are several risk factors that make an individual prone to type II diabetes. Other than strong connection with the genetic factors, the lifestyle of an individual also plays a crucial role in the development of type II diabetes. A history of gestational diabetes, obesity, glucose intolerance, old age, and even ethnicity increase the chances of developing this type of diabetes later on in life.

Can Diabetes Be Reversed?
Diabetes cannot be reversed. It is lifelong disease. However, you can control the condition and prevent it from developing. Healthy lifestyle —physical activity, and eating a balanced diet can manage diabetes. Sometimes, diabetes reversal is used in type II diabetic conditions where a person can lead a healthy lifestyle without taking medication. This will require the afflicted individual to control the body weight, exercise regularly and eat limited amount of calories.



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