Thursday, April 7, 2016

The North-American Prevention Protocol of VITAMIN D

Vitamin D is often referred to as the sunshine vitamin because our body can actually manufacture vitamin D. It's a fat-soluble vitamin, and it's metabolized in our body from various fat-soluble steroid complexes, as they're referred to. And vitamin D is then metabolized in the skin and split from some of these molecules into the active form of vitamin D- which then has a wide range of effects on basically every single cell in our body. Vitamin D isn't just about having strong bones and strong teeth; vitamin D also has some really wonderful effects from a preventative medical point of view.

Long Island, unfortunately, has been classified as a geographic cluster for various chronic diseases including Cancer. Interestingly enough, there are toxins that are known to trigger certain enzyme systems in our liver called cytochrome P450 system, a system that then can split some of the toxins that we find in our environment and certain forms of xenoestrogens, or estrogens that we take in from contaminated food and water sources, which unfortunately abound. These xenoestrogens are actually carcinogenic, and the pathways of how these things trigger breast cancer as an initiating factor is well known. It's also well known that vitamin D will block that process.

Vitamin D also has some very excellent effects in a similar sort of vein, but different biochemistry of helping to minimize the risk of prostate cancer, and minimizing the effects and growth rate of prostate cancer.  Moreover, Vitamin D is critical for the normal functioning of our immune system to help prevent all sorts of severe and chronic diseases.

Vitamin D is something that we can get very simply from a tablet that we could find in literally any drugstore or health food store. The reason that one should look to supplement their vitamin D is because we live in a somewhat northern climate, and as such, we have less sun exposure over the 12 months than somebody who, say, lives down in Tucson, Florida, or down in the Amazon or some place where they have much more vitamin D exposure in the course of a year than we do.

So as a result, if one were to look at our average vitamin D levels for the year, you would find that if you do not supplement or you're not eating a good supply of fresh wild-caught fish that can give you some vitamin D, too, then you're gonna wind up on average being deficient in vitamin D and this is a very important vitamin to help minimize our risk of severe and chronic disease, and also from the point of view of our longevity and preventive medicine, vitamin D is one of the most important nutrients that we have in our armamentarium to help us to 'live long and to prosper'.

So, when in doubt take some vitamin D, but another point here is that some people don't metabolize vitamin D as efficiently as they should, and if they take too much vitamin D it can become an excessive and even toxic level of the vitamin because now it's not being converted on a as-needed basis by our body. But when you're taking it from a pill, it is possible to overload on it, so it is important to do a blood test every now and then and see what your vitamin D level is and what your reserves are and what your metabolic rate is so that you can take it in an appropriate level. What I find with most of my patients is that 5,000 units a day is an appropriate level for an adult. But I have patients that are taking 15,000 or 20,000 units a day and barely maintaining a normal vitamin D level because their body's burning it so fast, neither preventing an illness or in combating an illness, but vitamin D can be burned very quickly, so you have to really watch that level.

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