Friday, January 27, 2017

The "skinny" on MORINGA LEAF? (plus its Beneficial Properties)

Moringa oleifera is a small plant grown in the tropical regions of sub-Himalayan areas of India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Also known as the horse radish tree, it is now grown in Africa and several other tropical regions around the globe.
 It is considered to have highly potent qualities and is used to prepare medications for numerous diseases. The plant has edible leaves but the seeds, flowers, bark, and roots are also used to cure ailments. Moringa leaves are loaded with proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Here are some of the beneficial properties of the Moringa plant that are essential for the well-being of an individual:

1.    Treatment of Ailments
Moringa leaves are used to cure chronic inflammation, respiratory problems, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. The leaves are also used to treat renal disorders and gastrointestinal diseases. It is believed that the nutrition value of the Moringa leaves is far greater than spinach. The leaves are also wondrous for treating malnutrition. This is because they contain calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, and essential amino acids in exorbitant amounts.

2.    Antioxidant Properties
Moringa leaves and flowers have a high content of polyphenols (chlorogenic acid and quercetin), which is commonly found in berries and other such fruits. The presence of polyphenols along with flavenoids, isothiocyanates is responsible for antioxidant characteristics. Oxidative stress, caused by escalating levels of free radicals are the underlying reason behind chronic conditions like type II diabetes and cardiovascular conditions. The potent antioxidant properties help in lowering the blood pressure and regulate the sugar levels after meal consumption. The polyphenols in Moringa also keep the liver safe against damage caused by oxidation. Moringa oil helps in restoring the liver enzymatic functions back to the normal levels so that the metabolism activity and blood detoxification does not get impaired.

3.    Beneficial for the Skin
Moringa oleifera can be applied to the skin to treat conditions like dandruff, warts, skin infections, gum diseases, and snake bites. Moringa also has anti-aging properties. The anti-inflammatory characteristics also help protect the skin from the harmful UV radiation of the sunlight. The compounds contained in Moringa help in regulating the natural resources of the skin cells in order to fight the stress caused by the environment

4.    Fights Infections and Heals Wounds
Moringa has antibacterial and antifungal properties, which combats infections. This is why it is used to treat skin infections, urinary tract problems, and digestive conditions. The seed, roots, and the leaves of Moringa are also responsible for reducing the time required for clotting of blood. Therefore, it facilitates the process of wound healing.

5.    Reduces Fatigue
Moringa helps in eliminating the signs of tiredness and fatigue. Incorporating Moringa powder in your diet will ensure that you daily intake of the iron and magnesium are met, which are both essential for curing prolonged fatigue. Anemic vegetarians can prepare food containing Moringa to meet the iron requirements. So, if you are looking for a highly nutritious “super food” with extraordinary properties for your wellbeing, you must include Moringa leaves and other parts of the plant in your diet. Available in the form of powder, Moringa can be added as a condiment to your foods or smoothies.


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