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Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) is an alternative method for cancer treatment that uses insulin as a supplement with traditional chemotherapy. The advocates of this therapy claim that insulin potentiates the effectiveness of chemotherapy by lowering the dosage of chemotherapy drugs to minimize their adverse side effects. In other words, you can get the best out of your chemotherapy treatments without fearing the vicious side effects that come with it. Even though IPT has been here for more than 7 decades, the mechanism and pathway through which insulin potentiates the effects of chemotherapy is still unclear. Therefore, IPT is not an approved cancer treatment and its treatment cost is not covered in many healthcare insurance packages.

History of IPT

IPT was developed by a Mexican physician Donato Perez Garcia in the 1930s. The method was originally intended to treat syphilis. After couple of years, he tried the same method for the treatment of other diseases such as arthritis, colitis asthma and some type of cancers.
According to his own claim, IPT is a successful way to treat cancer and there was an attestation by Mexican official of his claims. However, IPT still needs strong scientific basis and backing to become an approved cancer treatment.

Mechanism of IPT

The main instrument of this method is a hormone called insulin, which is secreted by the pancreas to control and regulate glucose levels in blood.
However, two different hypotheses point towards some other effects of insulin, effects which help in enhancing the efficiency of chemotherapy. The first hypothesis suggests that insulin increases the permeability of the cell membrane of affected body cells for cytotoxic drugs. This increase in permeability helps in getting more concentration of intracellular drugs which enables the lowering of the dosage of chemotherapy drugs.
The other hypothesis about the role of insulin for assisting cytotoxic drugs suggests that insulin can affect the cell cycle of cancer cells i.e. by extending the S-phase fraction where replication of DNA occurs. Cancer cells become more vulnerable in this phase to chemotherapy.

Efficacy of the treatment

Advocates of IPT claims that if insulin is used in conjunction with chemotherapy, it can cut the dose of anticancer drugs by up to 90%. They also base their claim on the fact that cancer cells have more insulin receptors on their surface than the normal cells, hence there are stronger chances that the insulin will as has been hypothesized.

Popularity of IPT

Even though IPT is not backed by mainstream oncologists and federal regulatory bodies, many patients are still going for this treatment because:
·         It is low cost cancer treatment
·         It ensures no adverse and severe side effects of chemotherapy
In the coming years, if IPT gets the scientific substantiation to prove its theory, then it probably will become part of the authorized cancer treatments. However, right now it has inadequate scientific evidence and research in its support, and therefore professional oncologists don’t recommend insulin potentiation therapy.

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