Monday, September 18, 2017


As a clinical immunologist, I help people with four major areas of immune dysfunction: (1) immune deficiency, (2) allergy immunology, (3) autoimmune diseases and (4) cancer immunology. It has clearly been shown that the strength of our immune system directly correlates to our risk of getting cancer and the probability that when the cancer is put into remission, it will STAY IN REMISSION. This is a critical point because many cancers have a propensity to recur, and a cancer recurrence is no fun at all. So it behooves us to take a close look at the structure and functioning of the immune system.

There are two major pathways in our immune system: The TH1 pathway and the TH2 pathway. The TH1 pathway is designed to stimulate the cells that protect us from recurrence of cancer. The cells that actually destroy these cancer cells are things called natural killer cells and cytotoxic lymphocytes. These cells work together to identify and destroy abnormal cells in our system, cancer cells. Each of us develop a certain number of cancer cells every single day. There are specialized blood tests called tumor markers. When you look at a tumor marker test, and it doesn't matter which one you look at, whether it be a CEA, a CA 19-9, CA 27-29, so on and so forth, we all have a normal range. The normal range is zero to some number, not zero to zero. Because through our normal lives, we produce some abnormal cells that contain these abnormal proteins and when the immune system identifies these cells and destroys them, it releases these substances into the blood stream and we can measure it.

When somebody has an active cancer, the cancer cells die almost as fast as they grow. But unfortunately, they grow somewhat faster, which is what gets people in trouble. But the dying cancer cells release these abnormal proteins into the blood stream, these tumor markers, and enables us to roughly approximate the growth of the tumor that the person is suffering from. So, it's not an exact science, but it's pretty accurate, and we correlate that to structural measurements that we get through scans, CAT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds, and the like, and between the two, we're able to correlate the patient's progress and see how things are going.

Once the tumor is put into remission, whether it be through the activities of chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, low-dose fractionated chemotherapy or immunotherapy, then the cancer over a period of time often has a tendency to try to recur because the thing that allowed the cancer to begin with at the very start of things has not been addressed, and that issue was an area of damage to our immune system to begin with. Unfortunately, the treatment step we use nowadays for patients with cancer, chemotherapy and radiation all increase the level of damage and dysfunction to our immune system, which is kind of a Catch-22 if you will, but nonetheless, there we go.
So it behooves us, that once the cancer's put into remission, to take a close look at the structure and function of the immune system to identify and repair the damage that initially allowed the person to get cancer to begin with, and to repair its functioning so that it can actively look for, seek, and destroy any abnormal cells that are starting to come back. This could be done through specialized blood tests to identify the holes in the immune system, and then the use of nutraceuticals and certain pharmaceuticals, as the case may be, along with diet and lifestyle changes to restore immune competency, so the person can have a long and healthy life. Look to the immune system. 

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