Monday, September 18, 2017


by: Dr. Jesse A. Stoff

To maximize the effect of stem cell therapy, I first conduct some blood tests to identify the amount of inflammation by what the inflammation markers are in the person's blood. High markers (like a C-Reactive Protein produced in the liver which this level is high in the blood) affects the procedure by diffusing the stem cells quite evenly around the body because the CRP is all over the body. It draws the stem cells all over the place-- not allowing them to concentrate.  Hence, I recommend that if anyone has high inflammatory markers, I would first induce preliminary therapy to reduce the systemic levels of inflammation. This helps the inflammation that's concentrated around an area of damage to stand out from the background of what's going on biochemically so that when the stem cells are delivered, they'll know where to go. If you don't pre-treat and deal with the systemic inflammation, the stem cell treatments may bring far less effective results and much less quality impact than they otherwise might have. Once the stem cells are induced, there are certain supplements that help the stem cells to grow, mature and to replicate in order to do the things they need to do.

Stem cells have specific requirements- somewhat more demanding than other tissues. Because the metabolic rate is higher, the nutritional needs are higher and we're trying to keep the inflammation down so that it's not distracting them from their primary work that we're trying to have them do.  Certain supplements are available and are known to act as systemic anti-inflammatories (designed to help support the metabolism of stem cells).  These supplements assist in stimulating the various repair enzymes that DNA uses while maximizing the life and efficiency of the stem cells that have been re-implanted back into the targeted area.

Taking the supplements is very important in order to have the full results, impact and benefit of the stem-cell therapy. The supplements should be taken for at least a year because the stem cells can be active for that time period (or longer) repairing the damage once they're introduced into that area or migrate there through the blood.

This whole procedure is a fairly quick procedure. The procedure to harvest the stem cells takes about 15 or 20 minutes and it's done through two little punctures in the skin- one on each side of the abdomen. And then beyond that, it takes about an hour and a quarter or so to concentrate and purify the stem cells so they can be reintroduced either intravenously or intra-articularly into a joint to help repair a specific area of damage.

Major stem-cell research is currently being conducted worldwide with tremendous results- seeking more ways of harvesting the stem cells and how to take the adult stem cell and reprogram it back into a pluripotent cell.  so they can use it to regrow new organs or regrow whatever damaged area of the body that the person has, and basically be able to make people more bionic and rejuvenate them with these new organs and tissues.

In the U.S., stem cell therapy is available in specific applications where the use of stem cells can be harvested from the bone marrow or from adipose tissue to help to repair joint damage. Common uses are recognized for arthritis and in the wear and tear that we have in our musculoskeletal system.  In other countries, major breakthroughs in Stem Cell technology are being conducted with significant clinical successes in many different areas helping to solve issues with severe and chronic diseases such as ALS (which is Lou Gehrig's Disease), Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, Type I diabetes and even rheumatoid arthritis as well as all sorts of autoimmune diseases.

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