Monday, September 18, 2017


By. Dr. Jesse A. Stoff

We all start off as a single fertilized ovum deep in the uterus of "Mom". From that single cell then divides into two, into four, into eight and into the different stages of the embryological transformation, which ultimately winds up as a fetus, a newborn baby, and finally as an adult.  Along that way, we produce a variety of cells that are called pluripotent cells.  Pluripotent cells can transform themselves into basically any cell that makes up US.  Down the line, these cells start to differentiate into cell lines that then form the ectoderm, the mesoderm, etc., certain cell layers in our body which turn into various organs. These organs have a direct relationship with each other as we grow and mature into adults, but the underlying embryological connection still remains.

STEM CELL THERAPY has many different aspects depending upon which stem cells you're using. If you can go way back and use a pluripotent cell (which we can only get from an embryo), we then have the capacity to turn that cell into new organs, new cell lines, new white blood cells, new red blood cells, and to repair all sorts of diseases potentially that an adult may have.

If we're talking about adult stem cells (what you and I have in our body right now), these cells are already committed to a particular cell line and can only form certain kinds of tissues. So, I work with people using stem cell therapy by removing some of their stem cells that are attached to adipose connective tissue (connective tissue of fat that I will gently extract using surgical instruments) and from here we'll remove some of these stem cells. We will concentrate them, we will purify them, and then inject them into damaged joints where there's arthritis and severe degeneration and these stem cells can help to rebuild the damaged cartilage and help to repair a lot of that inflammatory damage. It won't rebuild the entire joint because the adult stem cells aren't powerful enough to do that but it can repair a lot of damage, relieve pain (enough to get people walking again much more normally) and enable the patient to exercise and get them back to their old self and "turn back the clock".

Stem cells can also be purified and injected intravenously as it is capable of migrating to an area of high inflammation. So if somebody has a lot of inflammation in their joints as with arthritis, the stem cells will travel and settle in that particular area and do the work of repairing tissue damage.  However, in cases of extreme inflammation in areas like the lungs from COPD, or in their kidneys from renal disease, or in their pancreas because of late stage diabetes per se, then the stem cells have been proven to migrate there and can help to support those tissues.

Unfortunately, the stem cells that come from adipose tissue are committed to a particular stem cell line and can only form certain kinds of tissue. So their ability to repair some of these organs is very limited, but still there is some repair that can be demonstrated and it can greatly improve a person's function of these systems.  Stem cells can give them a lot of relief from symptoms while helping to cut back on medications.  It also helps to have more energy- greatly improving their quality of life.


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