Monday, September 18, 2017


By: Dr. Jesse Stoff

The immune system is one of our basic and most important systems in our body. The immune system has to protect us from potential threats from outside our body, as well as from abnormalities and abnormal cells that are generated from within. It's able to accomplish this miraculous task through a combination of cells and through communication molecules called cytokines. Together, they work together to weave an impenetrable web, in most cases, to protect us from all sorts of severe and chronic diseases. But if we're exposed to things that damage the immune system, things like suffering from poor nutrition, various sorts of infection, toxins, various kinds of trauma, severe stresses, this can cause a weakening of our immune system, a rip in the fabric, and we lose our protection, winding up with some dread severe or chronic illness.

To help restore our health and to help restore harmony, it's a matter of rebuilding the immune response. A functional immune system is based upon an intact biochemistry, which means our biochemistry, the system of biochemical substances, hormones, enzymes and the like in our body has to be intact, functional and in balance, one to the other, in order to support the immune system as efficiently as is possible. Together, they work together to protect us from all sorts of illnesses and keep us above ground on the shiny side of the grass that much longer. When we're looking at the immune system, it's actually a bridge. A bridge where? A bridge between our biochemistry and a bridge in the sort of metaphysical sense to our higher self.

Things like STRESS, things like our feelings of purpose, things like giving us reason to get out of bed in the morning. All of these subtle impulses actually have a physical, biochemical effect on our body. And that result is an immune system that's attuned to our hopes, dreams and even our aspirations. It protects us. It helps us to get there. It's a marvelous system. It's a system that allows through communication molecules and specialized cells to protect us. It's a bridge between life and death. It's a bridge where you can measure the activity of the immune system and predict when somebody's due to fall ill to somewhat severe or chronic illness.

There have been many studies that look at a certain kind of white blood cell called lymphocytes. They've done studies of patients in nursing homes. And by looking at the rate of fall of the actual number and percentage of the lymphocytes, they can actually predict with a high degree of certainty when that poor patient is likely to pass away. The immune system serves many important functions, and it behooves us to look into its structure and function periodically, just like you might check your weight every now and then or you might go to your doctor for a physical to check and see how your blood pressure is. By looking at your immune system, that's perhaps the best defense you have against a severe or chronic disease in your future. Through this next series of booklets that we're going to be presenting, we're going to look at how derivatives of damage to our bio-chemistry in our immune system allows for the development and progression of a long list of severe and chronic illnesses that could affect you or a loved one.

Please take care of yourself. Tend to your immune system.

DR. JESSE A. STOFF is an internationally renowned physician with extensive credentials in clinical immunology and holistic medicine. A graduate of New York Medical College, he pursued extensive post-doctoral training including a fellow- ship at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital in LondonEngland. He has authored/co-authored countless articles and 8 books including co-authoring the bestseller "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: The Hidden Epidemic" and The Prostate Miracle.

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